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《Light Up Your Industrial IoT Design》

May 31, 2022

IoT solutions have the potential to improve productivity and safety in numerous industries, but their deployment can sometimes be limited by inefficient power conversion and utilization. 《Light Up Your Industrial IoT Design》This new eBook provides valuable insights into how to overcome these challenges and deploy new IIoT solutions with efficient power management components. The article also describes the application of ROHM components in power supply and optimization, and how IoT solutions can drive improvements in key processes in the manufacturing and logistics industries.



In addition to the trend-following articles, 《Light Up Your Industrial IoT Design》the eBook provides information and links to 10 ROHM products, including the BD71631QWZ linear charger. The BD71631QWZ integrates a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor input that allows the charging process to meet temperature requirements and can be used to efficiently charge low voltage and single-cell Lithium-Ion batteries. The BP35C5 ultra-compact Wi-SUN FAN certified wireless module enables designers to build mesh networks of up to 1,000 units that enable secure communication in smart cities and other large-scale applications without the need for complex controls.


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