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2015Over The Years3000multiple Semiconductor Talents Move To Mainland Companies

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  According to Taiwan media reports,In mainland China2015After the proposal to strengthen the semiconductor industry,Relevant talents have been introduced from Taiwan3000Multiplayer。

  Taiwan《Business weekly》Reported,up to now,More semiconductor technicians from Taiwan to work in mainland China companies3000people。Well-known think tank Taiwan Economic Research Institute also pointed out that people of the same size travel to the mainland。According to the statistics,The number of technical personnel involved in semiconductor development in Taiwan is about over4Ten thousand people,This means that the number of technicians flowing to the mainland has reached nearly 10% of the entire,The current flow of talent to the mainland is accelerating。

  The report states,The history of Taiwanese semiconductor talent flowing to the mainland can be traced back to2000year。And the Chinese government2015After the proposal to strengthen the semiconductor industry,Also further promoted the flow of talent。

  The report reported that Zhang Rujing left Taiwan to build SMIC IC.(SMIC、SMIC)As an example。now,SMIC ranks No. 1 in the world in semiconductor foundry5,With the strong support of the Chinese government,Has become a presence to catch up with TSMC。

  Before TSMCCOOJiang Shangyi、Research and development department executive Liang Mengsong and others went to work in China。2015Year is called“Taiwan DRAMgodfather”Gao Qiquan also joined mainland company Ziguang Group,It can be said that the big names in Taiwan's semiconductor industry have continued to go to Lu。


  on the other hand,In the semiconductor industry,If only high-end manufacturing equipment,No skilled technicians available,Can't start mass production。To this,Related industry sources in Taiwan revealed,Mainland is not only fighting for executive level recently,Also bringing in front-line technicians for the entire team,Is trying to overcome the obstacles of mass production。

  “Want to participate in big projects,Increase your value as a technician,This is taken for granted”,2018Large Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer who left for many years in autumn、One of the large semiconductor companies in China50This is what many Taiwanese men say when visiting their relatives in their hometown,The reason for the job change was revealed。

  He stated,Live without any inconvenience with your family on the mainland,Wages have even more than doubled in Taiwan。Tuition for private elementary schools where children are enrolled in mainland China is also borne by the company,Plus your own work value,Made him resolutely decide to work in the mainland。


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